Camden Connection does many things but has one focus…
community improvement.


Camden Connection is a nonprofit organization built to strengthen our community by encouraging the development of healthy, happy, and productive citizens. With a network of community partners, we evaluate the specific issues Camden County families and children are facing and create strategies for addressing local need on the local level.

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Camden Connection was established in 1989 as a committee to help children at risk. Over the last three decades, we have grown into a community development organization structured to establish and communicate meaningful solutions to the problems facing Camden’s families and children.


As Camden County’s official agency for improving the lives of families and children, we serve as a liaison between government agencies, health organizations, faith communities, businesses and civic groups.


We believe Camden is stronger together. Together we can enhance the economic, civic, and social potential of every child and family in Camden County.

Camden Connection does many things but has one focus… community improvement.

  • We improve the lives of Camden County families, children, teens and young adults by connecting our community members to local resources.
  • We recognize the importance of involving the community in the solutions to community issues.
  • We serve as a portal to Camden County services for those seeking social assistance.
  • We support important social programs that directly address issues in our area.
  • We pinpoint the specific needs of Camden County, and we seek local solutions.


Through our initiatives Thrive Together and Stand Together, Camden Connection supports informed strategies that encourage healthy lifestyles. We support prevention through education to create long-term social change in Camden County.

To encourage Camden County citizens to lead healthy, happy and productive lives and engage in caring relationships.
All Camden families are leading healthy, self-sufficient lives that are fortified by community engagement and local resources.