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Through a contract with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), Camden Connection manages health initiatives and strategies that aim to reduce the percentage of Camden youth who engage in unhealthy behaviors.



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Outreach & Awareness

We strive to raise awareness by providing educational material and resources regarding suicide prevention and suicide burden in Camden and Brantley counties.

Gate Keeper Training

Gate Keeper Training is an important tool used to equip a population, both citizens and professionals, with the skills to appropriately respond to crisis. Camden Connection has Certified Question Persuade Refer (QPR) Trainers. QPR is designed to enable the average citizen to recognize signs of suicidal ideation and to follow up with the appropriate action. Other types of Gate Keeper Training include CPI, nonviolent crisis intervention training that is often used by healthcare professionals, and the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program, which is used by law enforcement agencies.

Q.P.R. Flyer

Mental Health First Aid Flyer

Camden Behavioral Health Taskforce

Camden Connection currently partners with Southeast Georgia Health System-Camden Campus to identify local opportunities in healthcare and law enforcement that if pursued could promote increased un-interruption of mental healthcare for people in vulnerable positions.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)



Let’s harness the power of healthy living and Thrive Together.

Positive Social
Norming Program

This evidence-based social strategy uses positive, inclusive messaging to show youth and young adults that most of their Camden and Charlton County High School peers are not participating in destructive behavior, such as drinking alcohol.

Compliancy Check
Program & TIPS

The Compliancy Check Program combats the illegal sale of alcohol by local alcohol retailers to underage buyers through education and oversight. TIPS is an education and training program for the responsible service, sale and consumption of alcohol. Camden Connection will be providing TIPS training.

Sources of Strength

Camden Connection partners with Camden County and Charlton County Schools to implement evidence-based curriculum within Camden Middle School, St. Marys Middle School, and Charlton County High School. Sources of Strength teaches resilience and self-esteem-building techniques and approaches to life.

Tobacco Cessation

This initiative provides and distributes literature to assist people who want to quit smoking and prevents smoking and vaping among youth.

Charlton County Student Health Survey ↗

The Camden Connection Approach

We approach all health initiatives with a proven, evidence-based structure called the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF).

What is the SPF?

SPF is an outlined process to prevent and reduce the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, vapes, and drugs. It can also address other issues that may affect a community such as suicide, violence, or health-related problems.

Strategic Prevention Framework:

  • creates community ownership of projects.
  • recognizes the importance of involving the community in the solutions to community issues.
  • encourages communities to find their own solutions.
  • aims to create long-term social change by focusing on short- and medium-term prevention efforts.
  • finds best practices to suit specific needs.